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International Research and Intelligence Studies

The International Research and Intelligence Studies or I.R.I.S. is an independently managed and operated project. Our main objective is to generate a reliable source of informational studies based on specific pieces of information compiled into a full Intelligence report or what we call a Blue Data Report.

The Blue Data Reports or B.D.R.s are then publicized within our own Intelligence Information Network, which is composed in its majority of local and International Business Professionals, School Teachers, news/ media Reporters and competent World Government Officials, to be reviewed, edited or commented on, so that the B.D.R. can then be made publicly available on the World Wide Web.

Our mission is to deliver accurate and up to date research materials that can be easily accessed on the web and have not been influenced by any censorship or political propaganda.


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In honor to the Outstanding work of :

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29th of October 2017